Ultrasound Machine Repair

Ultrasound machine repair can be very costly considering today’s economy. We pride ourselves on being the most affordable and the best there is. Most of all, we feel our more than 17 years of experience in Ultrasound machine repair is very important. Because we are an ISO (Independent Service Organization), we are capable of servicing all makes and models. In addition to much more, we service, GE, ATL, HP (Philips). 

Ultrasound repair needs do not always come at a convenient time. Most noteworthy, repairs come when you least expect them to. This is why you need a company with resources and the ability to act quickly and efficiently. Ultrasound Engineering has those resources and that ability to act quickly and efficiently. We have a wide network of suppliers which allows us to quickly get you up and running again.

With new technology added in your ultrasound unit, today’s ultrasound works more like a computer. Connecting to PACS or even small networks together for image storing. This requires a special knowledge of computers that many service providers simply do not have. We offer consultation and advice on patient information storage, system integrity, and security, which again, other companies cannot. The responsibility for data integrity ultimately falls on you, the end user. This requires knowledge and advice which Ultrasound Engineering Services can provide you with. With our knowledge, we can make sure you are always on top of the knowledge to protect your data. As a result, the patient studies can be compared from one visit to the next.  While also useful in making sure your unit is performing to standard.

Ultrasound Machine repair

Ultrasound Service

Most of all, Ultrasound Engineering Services offers all of the above as well as telephone support. This helps you to prevent costly service calls. We strive to bring you the most cost effective Ultrasound services available. We work hard to ensure you get the highest quality service and prices in the market. With little to no overhead, we are able to keep our prices low. Combined with nearly 15 years of experience, you can be assured you’re getting top service for your money. Contact us today to see if we can assist you further. We guarantee personal attention and one-on-one interaction for all your Ultrasound repair needs. Also, feel free to rate me below with DOTMED so we can share the news.

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