Preventive Maintenance includes;

Preventive Maintenance
-Dropout (Document any areas of drop out or dead space)
-Maximum transmit power
-Transmit focus adjustments (Verify focal zones)
-Maximum depth (Verify maximum depth for each transducer)
-Are all transducers free of cracks?
-Image uniformity
-Vertical streaksUltrasound Preventive Maintenance
-Brightness on ends
2.Electrical and mechanical
-Are all cords and cables intact (No frays or nicks)
-Wheels and breaks are in proper working order
-Assure all accessories are securely fastened to unit
-Monitor, trackball, keyboard, and accessories
-Clean and wipe down unit with antibacterial cleaner
-Clean and wipe down transducers with antibacterial cleaner
-Vacuum all filters
-Clean all airways and entry points


Ultrasound Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is critical! Often times technicians feel if their unit is working, why get it? Well, the answer is simple. The dust that the filters are supposed to keep out, don’t actually do that great of a job. small dust particles can still find it’s way into your machine causing troubles. For instance, it can build up on a high voltage board and create a small fire. This can be a little scary smelling a burning smell in the room coming from your ultrasound unit.

Furthermore, dust can also build up an insulating layer over all of your boards and cause them to overheat. Remember, electronics runs on electricity and they get hot so good air flow around the boards are critical. It can land on electrical components and cause them to short out. And that is just to mention a few. So as you can see after mentioning just a few of the major reasons why PREVENTATIVE maintenance is very important. Contact us so we can clean up your unit to make sure you stay up and running with fewer fears of troubles.This why we care so much about your unit. So contact us today to schedule your preventative maintenance.

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